Men’s Waxing Services

So you are thinking of stepping up to the big leagues of men’s waxing? Welcome to the dark side and say hello to men’s Brazilian waxing and all other waxing for men. While men’s waxing might not be the most pain-free way to go about removing hair from your body, men’s waxing is definitely the most gratifying.  Male waxing has been portrayed as the most painful thing to go through besides passing a kidney stone. With the proper products and well skilled hands we can make waxing for men as painless as possible. We can do a male waxing of the full body or you can pick and choose which body parts need the hair removal attention from the professionals.

Our staff is very proficient in men’s waxing. While some spas cater generally to women’s waxing, we cater to both, with a heavy percentage of our clients being male.  With a heavy male waxing clientele, we have a lot of experience in mens waxing the most sensitive areas.



Eyebrows $15
Chest $45
Back $45
Buttocks $45
Legs $60
Underarm $15
Hand $10
Arms $35
Shoulder $20
Brazilian $70
Bikini $35
Bare $80


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