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If you’ve wanted to experience a sensational couples massage, then here is your chance. The gift might be for a big event like a wedding or anniversary. It might be a gesture of thanks for an entertaining event or help during an emergency. It might be a reminder that, even with the arrival of a new baby or with the departure of a new graduate, time spent together is still important.

Both partners might want the same type of massage. Or one might like harder pressure, while the other prefers something a little softer. At Relaxation Oasis, our professional therapists will discuss massage options with you before starting your session so they know exactly what you want from your experience. You can choose to be in the same room or different rooms.

A romantic couples massage can easily be enhanced with aromatherapy. We can add some rose, lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus, or one of our other essentials oils to your massage FREE of charge. Just ask during the massage or while booking.

Couples Massage (total price for both, NOT per person)

30 min for $60
60 min for $110
70 min for $120
80 min for $140
90 min for $150
2 hrs for $196

You will be in the same room unless you specify separate rooms.


To book a couples massage today, please call/text (262) 613-9399 or email

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