Body Shaving for Men

Body Shaving – Men can also have shaved and smooth skin all over!

Love smooth skin but can’t suck it up yet to go for the wax? Does wax irritate your skin? Our body shaving service is the solution to your problem!

Maybe for a one time thing or just to keep your body maintained, men’s full body shaving works for all men in need. Interested on our manscaping services? Book an appointment with Relaxation Oasis today. Call 262-613-9399!

Why Choose Relaxation Oasis’s Body Shaving for Men?

  • For each guy we use new shavers, razors, and razor heads. So no worries about having someones old dull nasty razor being used on you.
  • If we are doing large parts of the body we use multiple razors so we always have fresh blades on you.
  • Do we use the cheap razors? Absolutely not. We use single edge razors with guards and Schick Quattro razors heads for the fine detailed work to get you baby smooth.
  • We also use top quality shaving cream to help calm the skin after your service and keep the razor bumps away.
  • Want to do a test patch on some virgin skin?

Unless you are more adventurous and body shaving for men doesn’t suit you, then check out our men’s waxing page.

We shave everything from head to toe:

  • Bald Heads
  • Eyebrows
  • Shoulders
  • Chests
  • Backs
  • Half Backs
  • Abs / Stomachs
  • Buttocks
  • Pelvic Bone
  • Legs
  • Don’t forget your toes!


Pelvic area $70
Eyebrows $10
Chests $45
Back $45
Buttocks $35
Legs $45
Underarm $15
Arms $25
Shoulder $20

**Pelvic + Buttocks Special for $90!!!**

Book an appointment today for Relaxation Oasis’s male body shaving services! Call 262-613-9399!

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